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/Single-axis photovoltaic solar tracking system

Single-axis photovoltaic solar tracking system

The horizontal Single Axis Tracking System uses high-precision astronomy algorithm to calculate the angle of the sun, combined with high-performance microcontroller (DSP core), making the system accurate and reliable, not rainy days interference,using international first-line brand tilt sensor, real-time closed-loop feedback tracking angle, automatic tracking, without human intervention.

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    RS-Horizon S1
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    TT, L/C
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    Xiamen, China
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    within 20 working days
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Single axis solar tracking system solar sun trackerSingle axis solar tracking system solar sun trackerSingle axis solar tracking system solar sun tracker

Technical Details
Tracking Structure

Tracking Technology Horizontal Single Axis Tracker
System Voltage 1000V / 1500V
Tracking Range (East to West) ±45° / ±60°
Working Wind Speed 18 m/s (Customizable)
Max. Wind Speed (at Stow Position) 35 m/s (ASCE 7-10)
Modules per Tracker ≤60 in Portrait (Customizable)
Principal Materials HDG Q235B / Q355B / ZAM
Mean Coating Thickness ≥65μm
Drive System Slewing Drive
Foundation Type PHC Pile / Concrete / Steel Pile

Control system
Tracking Control MCU
Tracking Mode Closed Loop Time  Control + GPS
Tracking Accuracy <1°
Communication Interface Wired / Zigbee
Powder Acquisition Mode External Supply / Self-Powered
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU
Auto Stow at Night Yes
Auto Stow During High Wind Yes(response after 10 seconds)
Optimized Backtracking Yes
Protection IP65
Working Temperature -30°C ~ 65°C
Anemometer Yes
Power Consumption 0.3KW/H per day

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.