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/Linkage row horizontal Single-axis solar tracking system

Linkage row horizontal Single-axis solar tracking system

It is horizontal with respect to the ground. Horizontal trackers usually have the panel face oriented parallel to the rotation axis.

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Linkage Row Horizontal Single Axis Tracker 

It is horizontal with respect to the ground. Horizontal trackers usually have the panel face oriented parallel to the rotation axis. 

In single-axis horizontal trackers, a long horizontal tube is supported by bearings mounted on frames. The solar panels are mounted on the tube and the tube will rotate on its axis to follow the apparent movement of the sun throughout the day.

                                                     Linkage Horizontal Single Axis Tracking System

Applicable Areas

 1.  Mid-high latitude flat land, mountainous terrain

 2.  Suitable for all types of modules, C-SI, A-SI, bi-facial modules


Features & Advantages

 1.  Single Higher installation capacity, single array up to 400KW max. 

 2.  Fewer posts compared with competitors', greatly saving cost in fabrication and construction.

 3.  Higher terrain flexibility, adaptive slope N-S direction 5°,E-W 12°.

 4.  Higher reliability control& drive system, Siemens PLC control and verified components ensure the reliability of controller, one-click operating design, fewer number of control and drive units, fewer piles, allow for simple installation,operation and maintenance.

 5.  Full automatic tracking, high tracking accuracy of less than 0.5°,additional electric power output by 15-25%.

 6.  Centralized control,convenient for overall arrangement for power/communication wires.

 7.  Wireless monitoring system & closed loop control system,maximize tracking accuracy and system reliability.

Technical Specifications



Technical Data of System


Linkage Row Horizontal Single Axis 

Single array capacity(DC)

50KW~400KW Max

Module number (pcs)


System max. voltage


Tracking range


Increased power output(compared with fixed tilt)






Mechanical Parameters

Drive type

Slew drive

Structure material


E-W slope adaptability


S-N slope adaptability


System dimensions (㎡)

Depending on array designed

Foundation type

Concrete footing or ramming pile

Max. Wind resistance


Safe working wind load







Electrical Parameters

Power supply






Drive power


Power consumption


Control mode

Closed loop time control

Night return


Back tracking


Working temp. range


Protection class


Communication protocol


Foundation Tolerance

Adaptive Slope

N-S high adaptability, E-W 10°

N-S Tolerance


E-W Tolerance


Elevation Tolerance


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