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/Sun tracker drive device dual axis solar tracker system

Sun tracker drive device dual axis solar tracker system

The Dual Axis Solar Tracker System is designed to optimize the operation of solar energy receivers. Dual-axis trackers allow optimal levels of solar energy due to their ability to track the sun vertically and horizontally.

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Dual axis solar tracking system 

Raysolar dual axis solar tracker system is designed to optimize the operation of solar energy receivers.

Dual axis trackers allow for optimum solar energy levels due to their ability to follow the sun vertically and horizontally. No matter where the sun is in the sky, dual axis trackers are able to angle themselves to be in direct contact with the sun. 

Sun tracker drive device dual axis solar tracker system
Characteristics & Advantages

 1.  Fullyautomatic trackingin a higher precision manner.

 2.  Approx 45% more power output than fixed tilt.

 3.  Yield increase with MPPT-Technology.

 4.  Apply soft start-up & brake control technology.

 5.  Adapt to install in the various kinds of terrain areas.

 6.  Fast and simple installation and easy handling.

 7.  Lower power consumption & easy maintenance. 

Technical Parameters

Tracking Type


Tracking range (E-W)


Tracking range(S-N)

15°~ 90°

Tracking precision




Drive type

Slew drive

Installation over sea level


Working temperature


Humidity range




Hot-dip galvanized steel


Local: no less than 65μm, mean coating thickness≥80μm

Bond Type

Bolt connection, no welding on site

Wind tunnel test


Max. Wind resistance

40m/s (customizable)

Working wind speed


Electronics & Control


MPPT- Technology

Input voltage

24V DC

Operating voltage

100-240 VAC 50-60HZ

Protection glass


Power consumption


solar tracker


Q1: What will be included in your dual axis tracker system?

A: Dual axis tracker includes 2 slew drives, 2 motors, 1 controller, all steel structure components,wind speed sensor (optional), fasteners and module clamps. excluding steel bars and related components required for foundation construction unless prior required by customers.


Q2:What is the capacity range of your dual axis tracker?

A:Dual axis tracker ranges from 1kw-16kw, which is able to hold max. 60 pieces 72 cell modules,depending on different module size.


Q3:What are your standard size dual axis trackers? And special size is customizable?

A:Standard size dual axis trackers are 18/21/24/27/36/40 pieces module. Yes, we offer customized solutions on a project basis.


Q4:Solar panels are included in your dual axis tracker?

A:No. Unless otherwise prior required.


Q5:Do you offer a complete dual axis tracking system for grid or on-grid purpose?

A:Yes. Offers a complete set of solar power system including panels, inverter, controller, cable and battery package (for on-grid system) .


Q6:How can I get the price efficiently?

A:Please send us detailed information such as module dimensions,module power, wind & snow load etc. Or give us a direct call.


Q7:What is the product warranty?

A:2 years on the mechanical and electrical, 10 years for steel structures.

Q8:What technical supports will you offer?

A: We will offer full on-line technical supports in terms of installation,debugging and operation. On-site support is available with the scaled projects.

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